Trees and Forests are proven Nature-Based Solutions which contribute to sustainable urban development.

CLEARING HOUSE is a Sino-European project that aims to use trees as a means to improve urban living.


About clearing house

CLEARING HOUSE uses trees as a means to improve urban living

The CLEARING HOUSE initiative addresses the global challenge of creating resilient and livable cities by restoring degraded peri-urban environments, enhancing ecological connectivity, and improving human well-being, including public health and social inclusion.

The project focuses on tree-based green infrastructure, termed Urban Forests as nature-based solutions (UF-NBS), which includes peri-urban forests, forested parks, and trees in public and private spaces. UF-NBS offer a range of ecosystem services, from enhancing biodiversity and providing recreational green spaces to regulating services like improving air quality and moderating the urban heat island effect.

The CLEARING HOUSE initiative brings together China and Europe to analyze and develop the potential of nature-based solutions, particularly UF-NBS, for enhancing city resilience in the face of ecological, socio-economic, and well-being challenges.

This Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020. Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement N. 821096

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Project figures

11 Countries accross
Europe and Asia
26 Partners
10 Case studies

discover uf-nbs challenges & opportunities

This series of four videos will explain you what are Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), what types of NBS exist and how their are designed.

With this video series, learn about our 10 case studies in Europe & China, the local challenges that are faced and how UF-NBS contribute to overcome them.

Get insights from our science-policy symposium “Regreening Cities with Nature-based solutions in EU and China” with the event recording.

Explore the questions of Urban Forest strategic planning, governance, restoration, as well as citizen empowerement with our webinar series.

Get insights from our Knowledge Exchange Mechanism activities with the interviews

Learn from CLEARING HOUSE findings

GUIDELINES for practitioners to enhance UF-NBS management

The CLEARING HOUSE guidelines for Urban Forests as Nature-Based Solutions (UF-NBS) aim to guide policy makers and local practitioners in adopting a multifunctional ecosystem-led approach in order to enhance the management of UF-NBS.

These guidelines cover topics such as : effective ecosystem restoration & ecological rehabilitation; innovative planning methods and recommendations for change management and institutional reform ; as well as mechanisms for inclusive public and stakeholder engagement.

Those guidelines have been developed by the experts of the CLEARING HOUSE project, based on case studies analysis.

Project’s publications

The CLEARING HOUSE project has generated various publications on Urban-Forest related concerns. All publications are available on Zenodo.


Project’s analysis and reports

Read the analysis and reports produced by our experts during the projec’s implemetation.

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get involved!

Get inspired with our Educational Package: Empower the youth!

The educational package is designed to address the insufficient understanding of the importance of trees in urban areas. Intended for educators, the package aims to facilitate the integration of tree-related topics across various subjects. It emphasizes the significance of helping students recognize the importance of trees in their immediate environment and encourages educators to teach about urban trees and forests in a way that inspires students to value and protect these natural elements for the well-being of the planet.

MyDynamicForest app for a Greener Future : Empower Citizens!

The MyDynamicForest app, developed by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, empowers citizens to actively participate in mapping Urban Forests as Nature-Based Solutions (UF-NBS). This user-friendly app encourages users to share their perceptions, observations, and impressions of trees in their surroundings. By engaging in citizen science, users contribute crucial data for assessing the socio-ecological impacts of UF-NBS, aiding evidence-based decision-making to address environmental challenges in cities. The app is utilized in case study cities like Gelsenkirchen, Barcelona, and Leipzig.



Have a read at some inspirational blog articles produced by the CLEARING HOUSE partners during the project.