Practical guidelines on NBS

Our project partner, the Sendzimir Foundation, together with the Ecologic Institute has published two guidelines, addressed to local government officials, professionals, as well as non-governmental organisations, municipal movements and other stakeholders interested in blue-green infrastructure.

  1. Addressing climate change in cities. Policy instruments to promote urban nature-based solutions covers a wide range of policy and supporting instruments relevant for NBS design, implementation and maintenance.
  2. Catalogue of urban nature-based solutions is designed to support planners, designers and landscape architects in applying NBS.

The project Climate Mitigation through Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Poland (Climate NBS Poland) realised by the Sendzimir Foundation in partnership with the Ecologic Institute from Berlin from October 2018 till November 2020 thanks to funding from GIZ on behalf of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Its aim was to disseminate nature-based solutions (NBS) in cities.

Project goals

  • building awareness of how NBS can contribute to climate change mitigation in urban areas;
  • increasing the knowledge and skills of city officials, local government employees, planners and landscape architects in the field of design and implementation of NBS in Polish cities.

The guidelines with other results of the project are available on their website.