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The CLEARING HOUSE project is generating various publications on Urban-Forest related concerns. All publications are available on Zenodo.

Here below are our publications to date:


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the use of and attitudes towards urban forests and green spaces: Exploring the instigators of change in Belgium
Authors: da Schio;Phillips;FransenWolffHaaseKrajter OstoićŽivojinovićVuletićDerksDaviesLafortezzaRoitschWinkelDe Vreese
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Between Green Spaces and Mobility: exploring diverging perspectives on the admission of motorised traffic in the Bois de la Cambre.
Authors: da Schio NicolaClaire PelgrimsSebastiano CincinnatoAnneloes Vandenbroucke
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The European Union roadmap for implementing nature-based solutions: A review
Authors: Davies, CliveChen Wendy Y.; Sanesi, GiovanniLafortezza, Raffaele
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Governance models for nature-based solutions: Seventeen cases from Germany
Authors: Zingraff-Hamed, Aude; Hüesker, FrankAlbert, Christian;  Brillinger, MarioHuang, Joshua;  Lupp, Gerd;  Scheuer, SebastianSchlätel, Mareen;  Schröter, Barbara
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A glimpse into the future of exposure and vulnerabilities in cities? Modelling of residential location choice of urban population with random forest
Authors: Scheuer, Sebastian ; Haase, Dagmar  ; Haase, Annegret; Wolff, Manuel; Wellmann, Thillo
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Co-design processes to address Nature-Based Solutions and Ecosystem Services demands: the long and winding road towards inclusive urban planning
Authors: Basnou, Corina; Pino, Joan; Davies, Clive; Winkel, Georg; De Vreese, Rik
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Remote sensing in urban planning: Contributions towards ecologically sound policies?
Authors: Wellmann, Thillo; Lausch, Angela; Andersson, Erik; Knapp, Sonja; Cortinovis, Chiara; Jache, Jessica; Scheuer, Sebastian; Kremer, Peleg; Mascarenhas, André; Kraemer, Roland; Haase, Annegret; Schug, Franz; Haase, Dagmar
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Lawns in cities: from a globalised urban green space phenomenon to sustainable nature-based solutions
Authors: Ignatieva, Maria; Haase, Dagmar; Dushkova, Diana; Haase, Annegret
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COVID-19-induced visitor boom reveals the importance of forests as critical infrastructure
Authors: Derks, Jakob; Giessen, LukasWinkel, Georg
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Carbon Pools of Berlin, Germany: Organic Carbon in Soils and Aboveground in Trees
Authors: Richter, Scarlet HUBerlin ; Haase, Dagmar; Mohsen, Makki; Thestorf, Kolja
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Green roof effects on daytime heat in a prefabricated residential neighbourhood in Berlin, Germany
Authors: Knaus, MariaHaase, Dagmar
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