Bonn´s urban forest: Rediscovering an interest in an old friend

Photo by Jakob Derks (EFI)

During the Coronavirus lockdown period in Bonn (Germany), when visiting the local urban forests and green spaces, we quickly realised that the number of newcomers to urban green spaces and in urban forests significantly increased because people found themselves restricted from meeting others and moving freely.

In Bonn´s Kottenforst, the number of visitors more than doubled, which shows the societal importance of forested green spaces and a renewed interest in our local forests.

To discuss more about these developments, we decided start a blog series and as part of that series spoke to the city forester of Bonn: Sebastian Korintenberg. Take a look at what Sebastian had to say about the situation in Bonn’s urban forests during the lockdown, what the latest developments tell us about the role of urban forests and about their role after COVID-19.

Authors: Rosa Castañeda, Jose Bolanos (video) and Dennis Roitsch (text) from the European Forest Institute (EFI)

EFI provides forest-related knowledge around three interconnected and interdisciplinary themes: bioeconomy, resilience and governance and is a CLEARING HOUSE partner.

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