MyDynamicForest app

MyDynamicForest app: Empowering Citizens for a Greener Future

Have you ever noticed trees near your house? In a park maybe, or a forest? Have you ever wondered why this tree was there or what it does for this area? Ever wondered if you could participate in the planting of new trees, shrubs or greenery in the area where you live?

Join us on our journey to map UF-NBS through our user-friendly smartphone app, MyDynamicForest. Powered by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, this app allows you to share your perceptions, impressions, and observations repeatedly over time and across different locations in your city.

As the ultimate knowledge holders and beneficiaries of UF-NBS, your participation is crucial. By actively engaging in citizen science, you play a vital role in monitoring the socio-ecological impacts of UF-NBS, allowing us to assess their effectiveness comprehensively.

Citizen science enables evidence-based decision-making in addressing environmental challenges in cities thanks to a participatory approach involving citizens in monitoring biodiversity, recording environmental data, and assessing tree health.

Seize this unique opportunity to be part of something bigger—shaping the future of your urban environment, fostering vibrant ecosystems, and enhancing the well-being of your community.

With the help of citizens, the project seeks to understand:  
  • What are local conditions of UF-NBS?
  • How do citizens perceive or appreciate UF-NBS?
  • How do citizens make use of UF-NBS?
  • Which uses or functions are supported by UF-NBS?
  • Which UF-NBS benefits do citizens perceive or appreciate?

The tool is currently being used in the following case study cities, each to solve different challenges:

Gelsenkirchen (Germany): How are green spaces used, what are the users particularly interested in, and what improvements do they believe should be made?

Barcelona (Spain): How much does air pollution affect the use of public space and what improvements are needed in which areas?

Leipzig (Germany): What tree damage can be observed, particularly as a result of climate change, and how can trees be better protected in the future?

Further cities that are partners in the CLEARING HOUSE project will follow.