City of Trees – get inspired to learn more about trees in the city

Make trees and forests part of your teaching

Easy integration and application of the learnt material

We hope the compilation of this material lowers the threshold to make trees and forests part of your teaching, across subject lines. It is of utmost important to help the students of today recognize the importance of trees in our immediate living sphere.

We invite you to teach your students about urban trees and forests in a manner that allows them the easy integration and application of the learnt material, and finally, inspires your students to notice, value and protect the urban trees and forests now and in the future for the health of our planet.

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Lungs of the world

The importance of forests and the benefits of single trees in the cities are still too vaguely understood by the urban inhabitants, students and teachers alike.

Why it is important to learn about trees in the city for teachers? Click below.

Why it is important to learn about trees in the city for students? Click below.

Further reading

Almost everything you need to know about the importance of trees and urban forests. Background information to support the lessons.

Ecosystem services of a tree
The most obvious benefit of trees for the planet is often identified by their photosynthesizing character.


How trees make our cities livable
The UN estimates that by 2050 about 70 of the world’s population will be living in cities.


Water cycle in the city
In a large city, a single tree can capture and redistributes an average of 6500 liters of rainwater each year.


Web of life
If we think about which trees or plants to choose for, we must pay attention to biodiversity.


Native and non native species
A habitat is the place or environment where a plant or animal naturally or normally lives and thrives.


Mature trees in the city
Unlike people, trees can grow to become as old as hundreds of years to even over a thousand of years old.


Air quality in a green city
Why is it so important to breathe clean air?


Dr Forest at your service
Not only are trees and plants wonderful to look at in a city, a green view is so much more than just decoration.


Colours of the forest
Many people’s favourite season is autumn because of the beautiful autumn foliage, i.e. colours of the leaves of trees .


Look into the future food forests
A food forest, also called a forest garden, is a diverse planting of edible plants that attempts to mimic the ecosystems and patterns found in nature.