CLEARING HOUSE co-design workshop – forests and trees of the metropolis: benefits, functions and experiences

Trees are the solution!

This is the motto of Clearing House, a Sino-European project aiming at deepening the knowledge about trees and forests that can be found in metropolises, as nature-based solutions, in order to improve their management and strengthen their presence in our cities.


There will be 10 pilot international projects, one of which will be led by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and the CREAF, specifically focused in the lower Llobregat valley. This is why we created Llobregat&Co, a living co-creation laboratory that shall be able to provide new ideas on how to plan, manage and organise the Llobregat river environment. The objective is to achieve a landscape full of trees that bring benefits to the territory and to citizens, in a fairer and more equitable manner.

Training and raising awareness are key to face this challenge successfully. Therefore, we invite you on October 22th 2020 at 12 p.m., to the webinar “Forests and trees of the Metropolis. Benefits, functions and experiences” by Cecil C. Konijnendijk, from the University of British Columbia (Canada) and Nature Based Solutions Institute.


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