Co-Design Workshop in Kraków : Lessons Learnt

On the 13th of October 2020, the CLEARING HOUSE project held a co-design workshop in Kraków Poland. This event was a hybrid between an online and face-to-face workshop involving 20 participants.

During the workshop, participants discussed the dangers to, effective protection against, and development of the River Parks area of Kraków. Among the participants were city and government units, NGOs, local universities and representatives from scientific institutions. The workshop had an interactive aspect based on the Co-Design formula and its effects will be used in the next stages of CLEARING HOUSE project.

Main research questions and areas to explore:

  • The connectivity and continuity of Kraków green infrastructure/NBS (generally) and River Parks (particularly) and coherent protection system (within and outside the city)


  • Integrated NBS management concerning it’s main challenges: too many institutions managing those areas, fuzzy and unclear division of  competences, the lack of responsibility, etc.


  • Good, advanced, informed, modern, smart PR


  • Various innovative financing models such as:
    • City budgets (tough competition for public sources, limitations, the lack of financial liquidity for complex maintenance, high real estate prices, etc.)
    • Involvement of the private sector (co-financing and co-responsibility by business and private sector)


  • The challenges and opportunities of COVID-19


  • Stewardship (deep understanding of different needs, multi-functional approach)
Co-Desing Krakow 13.10

Due to the unpredictable dynamics surrounding COVID-19, the event had to be adapted from its original format of fully face-to-face to a hybrid meeting. Adapting these events poses some challenges, nevertheless there was a very good, active and diverse group of workshop participants. The workshop fostered a strong partnership willing to cooperate and co-design in the future and the participants had high and well-defined expectations towards the CLEARING HOUSE consortium.

The workshop aimed to initiate a process of partnership creation, in which members will actively participate in future CLEARING HOUSE events, use the opportunities and possibilities of the project and cooperate with the consortium partners, especially with other cities engaged in the project.

Read more about the workshop in the detailed report here

Author: Adapted from the presentation and report on the workshop by Tomasz Bergier from the The Sendzimir Foundation 

Fundacja Sendzimira (Sendzimir) – the Sendzimir Foundation is NGO, playing a role of think tank to support scientists in applying science and sustainability innovations in cities and communities, as well as supporting cities in translating science into practice.

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