CLEARING HOUSE inspirational package at the Talentboost Brussels

CLEARING HOUSE inspirational package ‘City of Trees’ was a guest at ‘Talentboost’ in Brussels the last week of July. Talentboost is a linguistic bath for children who are non-native newcomers of 4 weeks in Brussels.

We were invited to organize some activities in and about the forest at the camp of the inspirational package, we had a blast!


We met all different groups at the wonderful Parc du Scheutbos in Brussels. A perfect environment for our activities. The aim was to get the different groups interested and in touch with the forest and natural environment. So we chose the succes formule of focusing on the different senses in nature.



As a warm up all groups were asked to look around and discover the typical animals and plants of the place. We worked further on this by listening to the surrounding sounds of the forest. At the end some groups drew and recognized some trees of the forest.

All days were wonderful experiences of discovering, enjoying and simply being in the forest. For a lot of the children on the camp a rather new and very precious experience.