Network Nature x CLEARING HOUSE Videos: a collaboration with Task Force 4: NBS Communicators

The Project CLEARING HOUSE in collaboration with Network Nature and its Taskforce have come together to create a series of videos on Nature Based Solutions (NBS).

This collaboration has allowed for the exchange of ideas and the creation of highly informative videos that shed light on the importance of NBS in today’s world.

The first video, titled “How are nature-based solutions co-created?”, is an informative piece that provides insights into the process of co-creating NBS. The video focuses on how collaboration between different groups can lead to the development of innovative NBS that benefit both humans and nature. This video can be found on our resource page here

The second video, titled “What are nature-based solutions?”, gives an overview of what NBS are and how they can help solve some of the environmental challenges we face today. This video is also available on our resource page here

A third video is to be expected in the coming month. This last video coming from this collaborative task force will focus on the type of nature-based solutions that exist, both in the rural, urban and maritime context.

The collaboration  within the Network Nature Taskforce is a great opportunity for projects to join forces in tackling challenges related to nature-based solutions. From sharing knowledge to raising awareness, Network Nature   serves as excellent network for those willing to foster the uptake of NBS. Visit Network Nature website to learn more (