Urban Forests in the Time of COVID-19: Visitor Frequencies and Attitudes in Bonn, Germany

Discover this new publication by CLEARING HOUSE partners Jakob Derks, Georg Winkel, Johanna Strieck & Rik De Vreese. The publication focuses on visitors’ frequencies and attitudes towards urban forests and their management, before and during the COVID-19 lockdown. This publication showcases a mixed methods case study in Bonn, Germany.

Urban forests are crucial for city dwellers’ wellbeing, and their importance during the COVID-19 pandemic has been emphasized. This study near Bonn, Germany, used automated visitor counting and on-site interviews to analyze visit patterns and visitor attitudes. Results showed that forest visitation doubled during the lockdown, with changes in visit patterns.

Forests were associated with tranquility, recreation, and positive attitudes towards management. However, novel uses of forests for social interaction emerged during the lockdown. Effective forest management is crucial to meet changing needs during crises like COVID-19, supporting urban dwellers’ wellbeing.

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