Championing urban forests for human well-being

CLEARING HOUSE Project arouse the curiosity of the public, as the Nature-Based Solutions are more and more popular today. And the need for green spaces and urban forests in our cities is growing.

Our Project Coordinators Dr Rik de VreeseSenior Researcher and Team Leader for Urban Forestry, EFI Bonn and Professor Wang Cheng, Executive Deputy Director of the Urban Forest Research Centre (UFRC) of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration at the Research Institute of Forestry Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF-RIF) were published in an article in Revolve.

Read an extract below and access the full article here.

Unfamiliar with the term ‘urban forests’? Here’s a breakdown. Urban Forests as Nature-Based Solutions (UF-NBS) are a subset of nature-based solutions that build on tree-based urban ecosystems to address societal challenges, simultaneously providing ecosystem services for human well-being and biodiversity benefits. UF-NBS include peri-urban and urban forests, forested parks, small woods in urban areas, and trees in public and private spaces. Simply put, trees are being leveraged as solutions to diverse issues ranging from air pollution to climate change.