Topic-specific thematic guidelines on Urban Forestry as a Nature Based Solution (UF-NBS) – opportunities for authors

The CLEARING HOUSE project addresses a global challenge that unites European and Chinese cities in their quest to develop more resilient cities and liveable societies in order to improve human wellbeing. The main focus is on tree-based green infrastructure which is the basis for “urban forests as nature-based solutions”. 

The project is developing thematic guidelines to assist local authorities, consultants, decision-makers, civil society and other stakeholders in Europe, China and worldwide in delivering UF-NBS to their communities and local stakeholders.


Four guidelines to be produced are focused on critical areas these are:

  • Cost effective urban ecosystem restoration, ecological rehabilitation and new planning approaches and methods.
  • Mechanisms for public and stakeholder engagement in planning and managing UF-NBS, with specific attention towards less privileged groups.
  • Management guidelines for urban UF-NBS which will deal with planning, policy and delivery
  • Change management and institutional reform for the better management UF-NBS

The four guidelines are aimed at a professional, technical, management, planning and policy audience and will be combined into a single publication which will also be available as an electronic download.


Opportunities for authors

The authorship of the guidelines is not restricted to members of the CLEARING HOUSE project and we welcome contributions from individual or groups who feel they could contribute a chapter to one or more of the guidelines listed above.  Authors will be named in the guidelines which will be an open-source document.  Note that contributions are not remunerated and are offered on a pro-bono basis.

If you believe that individually or in a small team, you can contribute please in the first instance email an expression of interest to Kuba Kopecki outlining the UF-NBS topic that you feel you could contribute along with details of your experience and contact details.  We may not be able to accept all expressions of interest but do look forward to hearing from you. Please email your expression of interest before the 13th May 2022.