A look back on our #HugATree awareness raising campaign

In March 2022, our CLEARING HOUSE project initiated the #HugATree social media campaign to celebrate the International Day of Forests. Our campaign’s objective was to raise awareness about the importance of trees, forests and, more generally, nature as nature-based solutions.

It mainly consisted of daily social media messages in the form of “Did you know” and “Fun fact”. Challenge your knowledge with our posts below!

Overall, this awareness-raising campaign was also an opportunity for CLEARING HOUSE to develop its relationship with its audience and connect with a larger community.

The #HugATree campaign indeed had quite some positive impact with external involvements thanks to the participation of the project’s partners and the NetworkNature taskforce members. Individuals from Europe and China posted tree-related facts and photos on their social media platforms and either tagged CLEARING HOUSE or used the hashtag from the campaign: #HugATree.

As a result, the website gained 16.90% more visits during the campaign, and the project’s followers on Twitter increased by almost 9%! Also, this campaign opened the door to further awareness-raising opportunities. Indeed, posters have been created from the campaign’s facts and photos to continue to spread awareness. The Wolfendale park in Uccle Belgium will be the first to display such posters. This initiative is open to the participation of anyone. Get in touch if you are interested in displaying those posters in your city.

Here is an example of one of these posters: