LAUNCH SECOND CALL: the project’s knowledge exchange mechanism.

The CLEARING HOUSE project is pleased to announce its second call for the project’s knowledge exchange mechanism.

The global objective of the knowledge exchange mechanism is to promote capacity development and exchange of knowledge and practices on urban forests as nature-based solutions (UF-NBS), based on peer-to-peer exchanges and scientific support regarding UF-NBS challenges.

The knowledge exchange mechanism is composed of two paths: the City Tandem and the CLEARING HOUSE Task Force which you can discover in detail in this document

In 2022, Bogotá, Mexico City and Belo Horizonte were selected within the framework of the 1st call for the knowledge exchange mechanism. You can read the full detailed article about it here!

If you or your institution wishes to participate in this new knowledge exchange mechanisme, please send the following required documents to Mr. Guillaume Berret (subject: CLEARING HOUSE TASK FORCE) and before 17/03/2023 :

  • Application form
  • Letter of participation stamped and signed by an official representative of the local authority wishing to participate
  • Any documents (or link to webpage) supporting the commitment of the local authority to the implementation of UF-NBS projects in its territory (Action Plan, Projects, Budgets…)